You can anonymously report industrial fly-tipping, hare coursing, livestock theft and machinery theft on Crimestoppers' rural crime hotline 0800 783 0137 

Sussex Police - Single Online Home

To report a crime or other concern contact the police here, using their online portal. Or call 101

                 Use the Love West Sussex App on your phone or tablet to easily and
                 quickly place reports.

                         To download the app, please follow this link

Reporting Fly-tipping

If you see someone fly-tipping or would like to report an area where fly-tipping has taken place, you should make a note of the following:

- The date, time and place of the occurrence.

- What the waste looks like and how much there is.

- A description of any vehicles involved, including the vehicles registration numbers.

- A description of any persons involved in the offence.


Contact Chichester District Council to report and clear fly-tipped rubbish on publicly owned land, including roads and lay-bys.

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Reporting a Problem with Roads or Pavements in West Sussex

Quick ways to report road problems

On line use

for updates enter your email address in the report


In emergencies such as dangerous potholes,fallen trees blocking road/pavements, missingdrain/inspection covers, obstructions,
spillage call  01243 642105.

Love West Sussex has on-line fault reporting system, and an on-line enquiry form to e-mail West Sussex Highways with general enquiries or requests for information. Both of these options are on the Report a problem with a road or pavement web page


For further information on grass cutting or roadworks dates go to

Reporting a Power Cut

Powercut 105 is a new national service for reporting power cuts. It’s free of charge and will put you through to your local network operator who can give you help and advice.

Reporting a Problem with a Footpath or other Public Right of Way

Problems with paths can be reported using the online questionnaire. They are then assigned a priority rating:

  • Health and safety: for example, there is an immediate danger to the public - Inspected and addressed within 2 working days, which may involve a temporary closure while works are organised to make the route safe.

  • High priority: for example, obstructions or surfacing problems where no alternative route is available - Investigated within 10 working days and works arranged if considered too serious to wait for the scheduled 15 month maintenance programme.

  • Medium priority: for example, obstructions or surfacing problems where there is an alternative route available, broken or missing signs - Inspected as part of the routine 15 month inspection cycle and works completed as part of the routine maintenance or volunteer programmes. If the problem cannot be addressed as part of the routine maintenance programme, for example, larger sections of surfacing, it will be prioritised against other issues in the county and considered for inclusion in our Capital Works Programme.

  • Low priority: for example, minor obstructions where there is an alternative route available, misleading signage, minor issues with stiles etc. - Inspected as part of the routine 15 month inspection cycle and only addressed if resources permit.

  • Not a maintenance priority: for example, improvements to the network or addressing of unavailable paths will be progressed if an opportunity arises and resources permit.

To access the questionnaire - please follow this link

You may also contact the Local Rangers on or 01243777620