Report a Problem

To note locations - for a simple tool to easily provide location data, visit or download the app.

To report a problem with Roads and Highways

Please report to WSCC Highways. 

or use the Love West Sussex app and reporting tool to report and keep track of progress


To report a problem with a footpath or bridleway

Footpaths are often the responsibility of local landowners. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you encounter any problems. Alternatively report online to WSCC


To Report a Crime

If a crime is being committed, please call 999. Otherwise crime can be reported online to Chichester Police or anonymously to Crimestoppers

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To report a breach of planning regulations or object to a planning application.

Please refer to the South Downs National Park Website. Local planning applications are all reviewed by the Parish Council. To learn how parish councils are involved in the planning process, please click here